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We know the business landscape well. For over 25 years, we've ventured out and climbed many mountains helping businesses from Washington to Arizona position themselves and really go places. It's your turn, so let the ad venture begin of blending creative design and clever brand strategy to invent new effective branding for your business. Your ad venture has been waiting to happen...


Before we set out to create or reinvent your brand, we "discover" you by walking in your target audience's shoes. It's exciting to find out what makes your company, service or product special – because our imagination starts to take over once we do. There are so many creative ways to put your message out there, it's a lot of fun exploring them.

This is what adventuring is all about: Discovering you, finding just the right way to position you, venturing down this path, that path, knowing the solution is just around the bend....

The solution we find will creatively reflect your company image or personality in a way that your target market will respond to, and will encompass branding elements such as colors, slogans, typography, style, names, and symbols. And, yes, emphasis on creative solutions, if creativity in brand design and graphic design is what you are looking for. With our shop, the sky is the limit because we're known for "creative" ad ventures.


With 25+ years in the business, our roots are in print. Since 2000, our specialty has been on the digital side, with emphasis more on online marketing over more traditional advertising like radio and TV. So services that clients typically request of Ad Ventures cover a broad range and will include anything from a direct mail campaign to a complex back-end user interface design to an interactive web-based sales presentation. We can help design and produce anything advertising or marketing related – even radio and TV campaigns if you twist our arms!


Brand design is another way of describing graphic design for your brand, identity design, branding, design for everything that makes up your brand like package design, tradeshow design, marketing collateral design, website design, etc.


The title on our home page leads with "Creative." So imagine what happens when you put the Ad Ventures' team to task coming up with tagline, slogan and naming ideas. Do we sit around a table brainstorming or putting sticky notes on a wall? No. Do we come up with ideas sometimes in the most spontaneous situations? Yes. Sometimes in front of the TV at night? Absolutely. While driving, showering, eating, 3AM sleeping, walking dogs, drinking coffee, you name it. We live and breathe this big-idea-generating part of our business.


A certain Seattle coffee company has a large website and multiple retail locations. But you'd never know that the website and retail locations share the same brand. They look so different! One is stark and white while the other is bold and colorful.

How does this "un" unification happen?

It's a common scenario, where a "web designer" or a web design team is unwittingly hired to design the website, and a graphic design / interior design team is brought on to do the print design and retail stores – both parties working independently of the other.

Our approach to unifying a brand is to give it oversight by the same creative director/graphic design team who makes sure that the key elements of a brand, the look and feel, and the voice get integrated throughout all marketing collateral, ads, websites, etc. The creative director collaborates with graphic designers who specialize in design, and web designers who specialize in coding.


There's no getting away from the almighty internet, the good in it...and the bad. The internet is full of fake reviews and business identity thieves, and someone needs to mind the store to keep up your good reputation.

With the tremendous growth of the internet's marketing power, it is important to consider a brand reputation management program as an integral component of your overall marketing strategy. Your business has moved ahead of the competition and grown because of years of hard work growing a solid brand and good reputation. The Internet has the potential to quickly damage some of that good branding because of hacking, spamming, false reviews, inaccurate rating submissions, bogus editorials or even honest complaints that a legitimate company wasn't given a chance to address.

There is more than meets the eye to protect your online image. We know where to look.

Let’s go Ad Venturing

Ad Ventures is a savvy brand and design agency, in business since 1987, that knows how to put companies on top of their game and the competition. Ad Ventures is a savvy brand and design agency, in business since 1987, that knows how to put companies on top of their game and the competition.