Get a website that looks great and works beautifully on all devices.


If you want your new website to be highly functional visually and technically on all devices, go with an agency that has website chops. That's us all the way, deep in the website business since 1998. We're not a design shop who decided to hop on the website bandwagon and try and get by on editing cookie cutter Wordpress themes. We are the opposite: experts at building large, strategic, complex custom sites from scratch. Go with Ad Ventures and get a beautiful responsive design that speaks to your audience and functions fluidly across all screen sizes.


Ad Ventures provides design for all mediums. When planning your website, the most important digital design considerations are:

Responsive web design and development

If you want your website to look updated and have a long shelf life, responsive design is the new standard in modern web design and is the way to go. It is a keeper in technology and has our web design industry all abuzz because that's just how great it is. A responsive web design adjusts to fit your monitor size regardless of its size, from large monitors to iPads to mobile devices.

To get a high quality responsive website, you want to hire an agency that has solid experience in both custom built-from-scratch responsive web design and responsive web development because there is a healthy learning curve. Ad Ventures, as an agency, has been designing and developing websites since 2000 – and responsive websites since 2012 – that's centuries in our industry. (Our responsive developers have even more years of experience.)

Modern design

Make sure you contract a company that understands and knows modern design. It seems obvious that web designers would want to keep up with new styles and web design technologies, which is so important in modern digital design. But that's not the case with many designers, employed by both small and large agencies alike, who need a little dusting off.

It takes a lot of time and passion to continually read up on design techniques that will turn ordinary web designs into industry leading designs. It also takes an "eye" to see every aspect in design, from the font choice, to plenty of white space, to flow, to colors, typography, etc. Ad Ventures' creative director, who leads Ad Ventures design team, highly values keeping up with design trends that are destined to be classics. A significant amount of time is regularly invested reading up on the best design solutions. We want your website to have a long shelf life and appeal to your target market.

User experience design

Also known as "UX Design," it is the art of designing an "experience" so your website visitor has a good experience. A variety of components are factored in such as navigation planning, information organization, messaging, simplicity in design, lots of white space, etc. Since this is a subject worthy of several books, we'll keep it short. Let's just say we are all over user experience design.

Design for your company voice and target market

If your website needs to generate leads or communicate a concept or sell a product, then it makes sense to design your website with your company's voice. Unlike a lot of other website designers and web design firms, Ad Ventures factors in large doses of brand strategy and messaging to the websites we create. How good is a website if it doesn't strategize how to best present your brand to your target market, right?

Custom design versus customized templates

This is a big one. How do you tell them apart? Unless getting a website at the lowest cost possible is your number one objective, you'll want a built-from-scratch, custom designed and custom developed website, versus customization of an existing Wordpress template if you want your website to stand out and rise above a cookie cutter template.

The two types of "custom" websites are worlds apart, but even low-level web designers often confuse them. Ad Ventures has been designing and developing websites since 2000, and specializing in custom Wordpress theme developed sites since about 2007. So, yes, you could say we know the difference...


Why you need it

Why do you need custom web development versus just "web development"? Because if you want to "move this there" or "move that over there" in your design, you'll save yourself a ton of headaches and get exactly what you want if you're working with a company that provides custom HTML / CSS3 web development versus just template customization.

There are a lot of web designers out there who know how to customize existing Wordpress or Joomla templates, which means they must customize within the template wireframes and requirements. If they lack HTML, CSS or PHP skillsets, just to name a few, chances are they won't know how to make the changes you want, and your project gets stalled out.

We've seen this happen time and time again from companies who come to us wanting us to take over their website projects to assure their success, not even knowing they had been dealt a template by their previous development company.

Ad Ventures' employs only high-level developers with advanced skillsets in custom web development because, after specializing in web design and web development for this many years (since 1998), we know it costs less to pay for it to be done right the first time. And – from our QA testers to project managers to web developers - we have this incredible integrity thing going that the code must be right and perform flawlessly across all browsers and device sizes. Even when we know you can't see it, we know that Google can. And we know that the code does affect SEO efforts, user experience and future updatability of your site.

In other words, how your site is engineered is important. We want it to be right for you, because that means more customer satisfaction for us.

Responsive development

Responsive design and responsive development is the new development combo standard for modern websites. We develop all of our websites with responsive technology.


Having the flexibility for administrative staffs to be able to update sites without HTML knowledge has become a standard in our industry.

Wordpress content management is, by far, the leading CMS worldwide and companies of all sizes now use it. We develop custom developed Wordpress themes, not to be confused with customizing an existing Wordpress themes which significantly limits your options. A custom-developed Wordpress theme way gets you the site that is designed around your needs.

And you enjoy the flexibility of editing your content, maintaining blogs, portfolios and calendars, and keeping your content fresh.

Getting a Wordpress website does not guarantee ease of updating. Be sure to ask for "advanced custom fields." They add extra time to the development of your site, but they make a world of difference in ease and speed when it's time for your staff to update it. Ad Ventures automatically includes advanced custom fields in all of our client website specs.


So you have a custom developed website and let's say you need high level calendar functionality, a shopping cart, a blog, an ongoing poll, a language translator or a client system such as Salesforce added.

These are all examples where it is more cost-effective to integrate an established, proven third party solution and customize it to blend with your site design, rather than programming it from scratch – not only to save you money but because the bugs have been worked out. Our job is knowing about these solutions, knowing when to recommend them and knowing how to seamlessly integrate them into your website design.

Ad Ventures is also highly skilled and experienced at custom back-end programming from scratch, including planning and wireframing so the user experience is just as good as the code itself. If what you seek is an invention, of course, existing third party solutions aren't available and that's where our team of custom programmers and user interface designers come in.


Proper search engine optimization of your site is so key that we include it here under our web design services as well as our inbound marketing services page. While most people agree it is important and seek it out, it often is an afterthought. To do well in search engine results, the strategizing should start before your website content is rounded up and designed.

Google has changed the way they rank sites and now place heavy emphasis on much more than keywords, but on social relevance, content structure and distribution, human voice of content, and many technical aspects of your site coding like file compression, URL structure, alt tag writing, duplicate content, geo-locations, title tags, etc.

Let’s go Ad Venturing

Ad Ventures is a savvy brand and design agency, in business since 1987, that knows how to put companies on top of their game and the competition. Ad Ventures is a savvy brand and design agency, in business since 1987, that knows how to put companies on top of their game and the competition.