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Beloved Samoa


How does this fully custom ecommerce, membership website work?

Loved ones can post an online memorial within minutes.  They can choose the free text-only version, or the $25 annual subscription to purchase the full custom online memorial microsite version that includes the deceased’s profile picture, photo slideshow, music, biography, obituary, guestbook, inspirational quote, and social media sharing.  Guests can then share the microsite through Facebook and Twitter with more friends and family, so traffic comes back to the Beloved site full circle.

“…bringing out creative ideas through fresh eyes, and your passion for our project is what embraced and captured what Beloved Legacies envisioned. Thank you. You and your team went beyond what was expected and because of that, we are so grateful.”

Henry Amisone, CEO, Beloved Legacies, Inc.

What was Ad Ventures’ role?

Our clients asked for an online memorial website for Samoans.  They gave us the name “Beloved Samoa” and left everything else up to us.  We brought the idea to life, not from inspiration from other memorial sites, but from our imagination and many hours of mocking up hundreds of design comps and back-end interface plans.  It was key that the process from new visitor registration to “building” an online microsite memorial, be easy, seamless, and, well, somewhat addicting in a good way for site members.  We made it easy for people to quickly sign up for their free text only memorial, so they wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation of buying the full memorial for their loved one.  The memorial is fun to build, and site members could build upon it as often as they wish, returning later to add more text and photos if they wishes. They could share their loved one’s microsites and login to their account to add as many microsite memorials, at $25 each per year, as often as they wished.

Services Provided

App Development
Concept Development
Custom Website Design
Front End Development
Custom Back End Programming
Ecommerce Development
Social Media Integration

“I can’t tell you how truly an exciting time it is for Beloved Samoa! Karen, I appreciate your creative ideas. I like how you improvise on the spot, and how you enhance the ideas that Henry or I share in the meetings. You’ve not only captured the essence of Beloved’s vision, but you’ve embraced and gone beyond to raise the quality of work and elegance. Karen, you are awesome!! Thanks to you, Alex, and team. Ad Ventures Rocks!”

Doris Tevaseu, Beloved Samoa, Mar 02, 2011

Completed Online Memorial Microsite

This is Daisy May, not a Samoan, but a beloved member of Ad Ventures’ creative director’s family for 18 years. You can view up to 10 photos of Daisy May in the photo slideshow. And you can click on the “guestbook” tab to sign this cat’s guestbook, and share your comments. And you can share the link to the memorial microsite too. The programming behind this memorial microsite is very complex, but it is very user friendly.

It’s free to become a site member and members can log in anytime to edit their memorials or upgrade their memorials from the free text versions to the enhanced full microsite versions for only $25 per year.

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Ad Ventures is a savvy brand and design agency, in business since 1987, that knows how to put companies on top of their game and the competition. Ad Ventures is a savvy brand and design agency, in business since 1987, that knows how to put companies on top of their game and the competition.