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Cowgirls Saloon

Inventive, one-of-a-kind promotional kit gets the job done and a big thumbs up

The target audience for this cleverly crafted, 15-page hand-stitched leather rawhide presentation kit was just one person:  The Las Vegas MGM Grand Hotel’s Food & Beverage Manager.  He held the authority over whom to lease highly sought-after space on Las Vegas’s main strip, space that Seattle’s Cowgirls Saloon set their sights on. Ad Ventures carefully crafted just the right message – through words & design – to get that one person’s attention.  It worked.  And when he gave Cowgirls Saloon the coveted opportunity to pitch their unique nightclub formula to the MGM Grand, he told our clients why:  “That’s the best damn marketing piece I’ve ever seen.”  Not only did the MGM Food and Beverage receive the kit, he read it, called the number in it, and scheduled that requested meeting with Cowgirls.

“That’s the best damn marketing piece I’ve ever seen.”

Food & Beverage Manager, MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas

Getting Started with Cowgirls Fun Formula Brand

The creation of this kit was one of Ad Ventures’ all-time favorite projects due to the required Cowgirl “fun formula.”  The project was kicked off with one simple directive:  “Create a sales piece that reflects Cowgirls’ sassy, fun, handmade brand that will get the appointment.” So after an intense interview with the 3-owner team and a tour of Cowgirls Saloon, we went to work.  

The first assignment was to show up at peak hour to get a good feel of Cowgirls Saloon.  This meant showing up at midnight and participating in some of the festivities.  We took pictures, which later would appear in the page designs.

Our Process

We identified what made Cowgirls’ unique to their customers.  And we determined how Cowgirls stood out from the competitors also pitching the MGM Grand Hotel Food and Beverage Manager.

Then the research began, pouring through hundreds of stock photos, Cowgirls’ photography and our own photography.  We planned out the content, coming up with a unique theme for each page that was part of the umbrella theme of the entire kit.  

Services Provided

Graphic Design
All Copywriting
Concept Development
Most Photography
Shopping for Special Branding Tools
Leather “Branding” in Our Garage  

Page One

We ran the assumptive, announcing on page one that “Cowgirls ARE coming to Las Vegas!”

Wildly Successful

The final piece turned out wildly successful, and had Cowgirls’ owners asking for more copies to use in additional markets.

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Ad Ventures is a savvy brand and design agency, in business since 1987, that knows how to put companies on top of their game and the competition. Ad Ventures is a savvy brand and design agency, in business since 1987, that knows how to put companies on top of their game and the competition.