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Freestone Communities

Freestone Communities: Nine new home community websites seamlessly built under one parent website roof.

All nine of Freestone new home community websites were interwoven into Freestone’s parent website, all designed and developed by Ad Ventures….all linked by a very easy user interface, and all connected by the parent theme of “LIVEability.”  It’s custom interface design and brand integration at its best.

“I’m checking the website out and it looks great. This website has turned out far better than we imagined. You guys did a great, great job and you should be proud of the quality of your work.”

Lamont Jacobsen, Chief Financial Officer, Freestone Communities

Key Objectives Accomplished

This website design is a win-win for the builder, real estate agents, and real estate buyers.   For the builder, it is a one-stop shop for creating awareness of the Freestone Communities brand throughout all their communities, even though each community is uniquely branded.  For the agents, this website is a savvy marketing tool that allows them to personally update home prices and sales flyers on their community listing pages via a highly customized Wordpress content management tool.  For buyers, this website allows them to tour every room of every home plan in nine new home communities without ever leaving their couch.

New Website and Branding a Success

Ad Ventures was brought into redo all of Freestone Companies branding and marketing collateral in 2012, and find a way to put all of their individually branded communities under one roof in a new website.  The new website and rebrand was such a success, since then most of the original communities featured in the website have sold out and Freestone has expanded into new areas such as Tri Cities and Kitsap County. 

The website was custom designed and developed from scratch with a custom-developed Wordpress theme that made it easy for Freestone’s internal staff to add or change communities as Freestone’s needs changed.

Our Challenge

Our research and own past new home buying experiences concluded that most competitor websites shared two key flaws:  1) when you visited a builder website and clicked on one of their communities, you were taken outside the parent website. 2) The child community websites did not reflect any part of the parent umbrella branding so the opportunity to continue to “sell” the parent brand was lost as soon as  you clicked to one of their child community websites.  Getting this done right in the new Freestone family of websites was our challenge, which we accomplished.

“You guys have done excellent work and we have bragged on our new website to others in the business community. YOU GUYS ARE DOING AN EXCELLENT QUALITY JOB.”

Lamont Jacobsen, Chief Financial Officer, Freestone Communities

Positioning Strategy

It was one key word, “livability,” that the builder casually mentioned during our discovery meeting that we went back to again and again while identifying Freestone’s competitive edge. Ultimately that word became the foundation of the messaging we came up with to differentiate Freestone Communities.

“Built with LIVEability” – the tagline for Freestone Companies business cards
“Designed with LIVEability” – the tagline / slogan for the consumer website
“There’s LIVEability Here” – the headline that appeared on the parent home page and every individual community website home page, colorized to reflect that community’s unique color scheme.

“Livability” benefits were defined through messaging right off the bat on the home page: Freestone Homes  “are designed to live  in, be a place to spread your wings, with more space, more square footage, better locations and a quality that no other builder in the same price range can touch.”

“Livability of home is KEY. I build as if I were to live in the house, and think about the way I’d want it to be. Our house designs are constantly evolving, that’s why people are so happy with our floor plans. You’d think there is only so much to do with a house plan. But little changes are made all the time.”

Scott Griffin, Builder (while spontaneously sharing his passion for his homes during our discovery meeting.)

Services Provided

Positioning Strategy
Brand Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Brand Identity
Signage Design
Website Design & Development
Custom Wordpress Theme Development
Full Website Copywriting
Logo Design
Social Media Integration
Taglines / Slogans
Plat Map Graphic Design
Puget Sound Map Illustration
Flyer Design

Special Feature

All communities were displayed dynamically on a north to south “I-5 freeway” map, not by community name, but by city.  This helps the out-of-town soldier relocating to Fort Lewis (Freestone’s primary target audience), identify ideal communities based on their proximity to Fort Lewis. This map also serves as the community navigation throughout the website, which creates a fantastic user experience browsing from one community to the next.  Website visitors can browse over 20 visually-dynamic large photos and 20 floor plans in each of the 10 communities, so the website does much of the pre-sell work before the Freestone agent even enters the picture.  The Freestone website and community micro sites contain over 1600 pages including photo and floor plan rollover pages.

Let’s go Ad Venturing

Ad Ventures is a savvy brand and design agency, in business since 1987, that knows how to put companies on top of their game and the competition. Ad Ventures is a savvy brand and design agency, in business since 1987, that knows how to put companies on top of their game and the competition.